2011년 5월 31일 화요일

Referee workshop and job training

Six months ahead of the grand opening of IAAF World Championships Daegu 2011, workshop and job training for referees were held on last 24th Feb in Daegu Bank's training institute. The Daebu Bank’s training institutes facilities will be used for accommodation for referees and student volunteers during the event.

Around 320 qualified referees from all over the country had been selected; most of them are physical education teachers.

The Pledge of Allegiance was followed and Co-President of the LOC, Hae-Nyung CHO and Vice-President of the KAAF (Korea Association of Athletics Federations) greeted referees with a warm welcome.

All attended referees took the oath of sincere commitment and impartial judgment. After the oath, Co-President of the LOC, Hae-Nyung CHO addressed process of the event attracting, future resolution and the main objective of this event.

He expressed the barren environment of Korea Athletics and tearful story of overcoming obstacles like negative opinions of possibility in Daegu. He also explained all efforts and achievements after inviting. His statement was filled with confidence of successful hosting of the event.

All referees in workshops paid serious attention to his address. After that, hosting broadcaster KBS reported broadcast operations, related matters, team job training, the discussion continued till mid night.

2011년 5월 29일 일요일

Meeting between KAAF president, Dong Jin OH and coach, Sergei

Yeon Kyung, Lee is the Korean gold medalist in the women’s 100 meter event from the Guangzhou Asian Games in 2010. Although she won the medal with her own efforts, we must pay respects also to her coach who provided tremendous support.  

Today, I would like to introduce the meeting between the KAAF president, Dong Jin OH and her coach whose name is Sergei.

The KAAF President, OH presented a gold medal to Mrs. Lee for her achievement of breaking her Korean record in the women’s 100 meter hurdle event for the last four years.  President OH asked Lee to break her record again within 1 year as a joke but she actually set the Korean record less than 1 month ago.

On the day of the ceremony, Mr. Oh met her coach, Sergei and complemented him, asking for him to help other athletes too. Sergei answered his request by saying,  “That’s the reason why I am here.”

Mrs. Lee met her professional hurdle coach, Sergei last May and her technique has improved since then. In fact, training with him helps helped win the gold medal in Guangzhou Asian Games. We hope she will make good mark on the Championships 2011 with the support of her coach.   

You can see the entire video clip on KAAF webzine site

2011년 5월 27일 금요일

Kyungpook National University Hair Transplantation Centre visit

Kyungpook National University Hair Transplantation Centre visit
Hair loss is not only the matter of physical change and appearance, but also of mental aspect. Nowadays, most cases of hair loss commence from their teens or twenties not after forties, and have great influence in confidence and social relationship.

Recently, the sales of wig and hair loss solutions are exponentially increased, but those are merely supplementary products. The ideal treatment for hair loss is ‘Hair transplantation’.

Kyungpook National University Hospital (KNUH) Hair Transplantation Centre in Daegu is the mecca of transplantation. KNUH Transplantation Centre is located in Novotel opposite side of 2.28 Memorial Park. Until recently, it was in KNU but moved here by explosive demand.

Indoor facilities were pretty good and not crowded because this centre only accepts reservation patients, not like other general hospital. On the wall of the centre, the history of hair transplantation and business are outlined in detail.

KNUH Hair Transplantation centre has a world authority on hair transplantation and also has very high technical level. After looking around the building, I heard more detailed story of hair transplantation from president of centre, Prof. Jung Chul KIM.

Accidentally, he got an idea of hair transplantation from a mottled pig in the near barn when he was medical officer. Since then, he developed hair transplantation method on the actual human head by continuous research. Addition to that, he implanted hair in his legs to improve his method is possible in 1992.

High-tech Medical Complex
Recently, Daegu is trying to find new growth engines by taking Championships 2011 as starting point. The ‘Medi-City’ with a focus on high-tech medical complex is one of the most important goals.

2011년 5월 25일 수요일

IAAF World Championships and the International Association of Athletics Federations

There are two international sports federations that Olympic Game organizer, the IOC cannot ignore. One is the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) which organizes the World Athletics Championships, the other is International Football Federation which hosts the football World Cup (FIFA).

As World Athletics Championships was held in each country since 1800, 17 countries established international Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) in order to manage event program, standardization of equipments and records. Since Athens Olympics 1896, athletics was adopted as an official event and also never been omitted. Football made debut in Paris Olympics 1900, but was not held in LA Olympics 1932.

Since the 1980s, spread of TV supply and relay broadcasting of sports were increased it was considered that it would be possible found World Championships with an single event relying on the support of TV rights and sponsorships. After this notification the first IAAF World Championships were held in Helsinki 1983.

The World Athletics Championships emerged as one of the world's three sporting events, along with World cup and Olympic Games. The World Championships in athletics will be held in Daegu on 27th Aug 2011.

Sports in Television - Sports Boom in Variety Program

Sports in Television - Sports Boom in Variety Program

Good day! It's me, Sarbi. For this time, I would like to introduce sports in Korean variety TV show.

1.    KBS’s Let’s Go Dream Team Season II

It is the originator of sports entertainment.
This program is the most representative “Sportainment(Sport and Entertainment)” dealing with from simple running to hurdle running alike triathlon. The famous comedian, Byng-Man Kim is ruling the Dream Team. SHINee's Minho has a high competitive spirit.

2.    MBC’s Idol Start Athletics Championships

MBC aired a special titled '2010 Idol Athletics Chuseok Special'. One year after, the programme aired again in 2011 New Year's Day with athletic and swimming event thanks to hot demand. Minho in SHINee also showed his ability in this event. In addition, 2AM Jo Kwon and Bora in Korean girl group, SISTAR took active part in the programme. Idol Championships will be held for every Korean national holiday.

3.    MBC’s Enjoy Today

This programme dealt with lots of sports such as Taekwondo, soccer, archery, athletics and etc. Korea's representative athletic legends like Bong-Ju Lee, Geon-Jae Jang, and Chun-Ae Lim were also appeared. They competed with elementary students, retired athletics and Korean girl group, Girls’ Generation. It shows accomplishment is more valuable than winning.

4.    MBC’s Infinite Challenge

This programme has been supporting unpopular sport events such as gymnastics, boxing and handball in Korea. Infinity Challenge went to 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to cheer long jump gold medalist in 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, Soon-Ok Jung. More cheers by Infinite Challenge are expected for in the IAAF World championships Daegu 2011.

2011년 5월 24일 화요일

Warren Buffett visits Daegu Stadium

Warren Buffett visits Daegu Stadium

LOC Vice President and Secretary General Dong-Hoo Moon (with red tie) briefing Mr. Warren Buffet about the Daegu Stadium

Mr. Buffet surrounded by lots of news man

Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and professional investor Warrant Buffett visited Daegu stadium on 21st Mar. After attending the groundbreaking ceremony of the second factory of Taegu-Tech in the morning, Mr. Buffett arrived to the stadium. LOC vice President Dong-Hoo Moon gave to Mr. Buffett a brief report about the Daegu 2011 Championship.

Mr. Buffet getting ready to break the Men’s 100m World Record. Suddenly, a bunch of young girls approached to get signature of him. It was unexpected situation but he kindly gave his signature to girls. Lastly, his visit was closed with support cheering with Mr. Moon.

2011년 5월 22일 일요일

Byeong Guk Jung visits Daegu Stadium

On 22 March, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Byeong Guk Jung visited Daegu Stadium to hear recommendations of Championship preparation and encourage young athletes.

Although it was chilly day, lots of journalists and officials visited Daegu Stadium. Minister Jung heard briefing about the preparation of Championships. President of LOC Hae Nyung CHO, Vice President, Dong Hoo MOON and President of KAAF also participated in the briefing.

Today, young athletes and leaders were also there. Women sprinter Sun Ae LEE attended. After full briefing, Minister Jung made overall assessment and commented on improve method. After briefing they moved to Stadium to hear description of facilities.

LOC is preparing the competition by installing cutting edge LCD board and paving new tracks. Jung touched personally on the newly renovated stadium track. The president of LOC explained about the excellence of audio system in stadium. After stadium tour, he had short meeting with press in situation room and he promised to support from the central government.

2011년 5월 20일 금요일

Daegu International Textile Fair ‘Preview in Daegu’

On March 11, the 10th Daegu International Textile Fair ‘Preview in Daegu’ and large scale fashion show ‘2011 Daegu collection’ were held in Daegu.

I went to General Distribution Complex, EXCO to watch the exhibition of Daegu International Textile Fair. ‘Preview in Daegu’ was held for 3 days from 9th Mar within 296 companies from 8 countries in the largest scale than ever. Exhibition Hall was located in the 1st, 3rd and 5th floor displaying various product lines from yarn and fabric to functional and industrial materials.

Lots of people were standing in line to see the Textile Fair when we entered into the EXCO building. Only those with passes were allowed in. The registration desk issued the free admission pass after simple paperwork. Many of visitors were foreign visitors.

I headed to Korea Fashion Centre on the opposite side of EXCO after watching exhibition. Fashion Centre was decorated with banners and posters to announce the Daegu Collection 2011.

The venue was crowded with spectators and more than half of them viewed the collection. I was surprised at the enormous popularity of Daegu collection.

On that day, the designer Bok Ho, CHOI from Daegu held his 2011 F/W season fashion show. The music direction to every dress concept was very impressive. Beautiful finale was astonishing.

By the end of the show, I found familiar face in there. Co-president of IAAF World Championships Daegu, Bum Il KIM was greeting peoples after the show.

This year is the 10th anniversary of the Daegu International Textile Fair and the 23rd anniversary of Daegu Collection. It was every meaningful opportunity to see the real aspect of Daegu’s textile and fashion industry. If you are interested in this field, you’d better check next year’s event.